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Five Key Advantages of Laminate Printing

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Five Key Advantages of Laminate Printing

Five Key Advantages of Laminate Printing

One of the first choices any print customer needs to make is whether or not to have their order laminated. Here Absolute Print, a lamination print company based in Islington, look at the key advantages this option offers.

What is Laminate Printing?

Laminate printing is the process of applying a thin layer of plastic to paper or card sheets to protect and enhance the printed material. This can be achieved through matt, gloss or silk finishes – rather like paint.

A matt laminate will soften the contrast of darker colours, making the finished product look less ‘harsh’. It also has a velvety texture, which means it is light to the touch. It is best suited for products which contain a lot of text. Gloss finishes, on the other hand, accentuate the original colour of the ink. These ‘standout’ qualities make it ideal for marketing and promotional material, or any product where catching someone’s eye is your top priority.

Silk laminate, while using a similar production process, is neither completely matt or shiny. Its smooth finish reflects colours in much the same way as silk, and it is often used for business cards and book covers.

Advantages of Laminate Printing

There are a number of advantages laminated print products have over non-laminates, whichever type of finish you choose. These include:

Durability – laminated print’s additional strength and stiffness means it is more long-lasting, because the extra protective layer makes the finished product much less likely to be torn or ripped accidentally. It will also survive in dirty or damp environments, such as machine rooms and other production hubs – so a lot of businesses opt to have user instructions and safety warnings printed in laminate form.

Easier to Clean – Products with a laminate finish – especially a gloss one – won’t have any problems with smudges (such as fingerprints), liquid spillages, and any grease or grime which can badly affect the appearance of conventional printed matter. If the laminate covering gets dirty, all it needs is a simple wipe down and it’s as good as new.

Cost-effectiveness – You’ll save on the cost of reprints, because laminated material will last a lot longer. For example, if you own a restaurant, laminated menus can be used over and over again – until, of course, you change the food on offer. You should also be able to cut costs by making your initial printed menu order smaller.

Readability – The covering won’t affect your ability to read the print underneath. The laminate surface will be completely transparent and will highlight, rather than detract from, the original product.

Stylishness – Nothing says ‘professionalism’ more than preserving your printed product in a permanent material, whether it’s a business card, a financial report or a promotional poster. It shows you are prepared to invest in quality.

Versatility – Laminated print has so many uses. As well as menus, safety notices, operating instructions and all manner of promotional material, it’s also suitable for price lists, fact sheets, business cards, book covers, counter and tabletop displays, educational material… in fact the list is almost endless.

Absolute Print for all Your Laminate Printing

Lamination print company Absolute Print, who have clients in Islington, Highgate, Holloway and across North London, should be your first port of call for any laminated products. If you want your business cards, club membership, financial report or promotional poster to have the ‘X Factor’ which lamination gives you, then follow this link and fill in the online form, or call us on 020 7272 2224. You can also email us at sales@absoluteprint.com.

We don’t just offer laminated printing options – you can come to us for all your copying, copywriting, binding, website design and stationery requirements.

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