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Key Advantages of Canvas Photo Printing

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Key Advantages of Canvas Photo Printing

Increasing numbers of people are opting for photographs printed on canvas, rather than just relying on images stored on their smartphone to capture a specific moment. Here Absolute Print, who offer canvas photo printing for clients in Archway, Highgate, Islington and across North London, identify some of the key advantages of this type of printing service.

There’s No Glare

One of the biggest problems you have with conventionally framed pictures is that, usually, you will need to keep them behind glass if you want to preserve them for a long period of time. However, this creates the problem of glare, either from natural sunlight or artificial sources in the room, when it reflects on the glass, or, if you opt for a gloss finish, the shiny surface the image is printed on.

On the other hand, if you have your favourite pictures printed on canvas, the finish – particularly if you opt for matte – allows you to enjoy them in even the brightest of rooms. And you will still be able to wipe down the canvas without doing any damage to the original picture.

They are Low-Cost

When you think of the alternatives – paintings and other artworks – then a canvas print is a lot more budget-friendly. You still get the ‘artistic’ vibe without any of the associated costs, such as getting them framed, as they will still look good without this additional outlay. You also get the added satisfaction of seeing one of your own creations immortalised on the wall (or wherever you want it exhibited) for as long as you want.

They are a Permanent Statement

Whether you want to hang your canvas print on a wall at home or in the office, it will provide a permanent reminder of a pleasant memory or place which you won’t get if you just keep it on your smartphone or other high-tech device.

Advances in canvas printing technology mean that you can view your canvas print in three dimensions, unlike a painting or poster which has more of a flat, two-dimensional effect. The only advice we would give, if you want your picture immortalised on canvas, is to make sure the original image is of reasonable quality, and, if there are any people in the frame, to make sure they aren’t too far away.

There’s Plenty of Different Sizes and Shapes

Just as you can have many different paper sizes, you aren’t restricted to a single size – or shape – of canvas print. You can make a statement with a single large print, or you can follow the example of museums and art galleries and have several smaller canvases on the same wall. Split or triple panel prints, where the image is spread over more than one canvas, is also an eye-catching way of displaying your pictures.

To find out what canvas printing options Absolute Print can offer you, give us a call on 020 7272 2224 or email us at sales@absoluteprint.com.

Canvas Printing in Archway from Absolute Print

As well as providing high-quality canvas printing services for customers in Archway and throughout North London, we can also touch up your original images if they are torn, faded or damaged. We’ll also touch up your images in more regular formats, such as on gloss or matt paper.

If you would like to know more about our canvas printing options, you can contact us by following this link and filling in the online form. Remember, we offer a lot of other printing services too – including lamination, large format printing, and secure printing. We can also make sure all your printed products are professionally bound.

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