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The Advantages of Large Format Printing

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: Large Format Print Company Islington

The Advantages of Large Format Printing

One of the biggest developments in the print world over the last few years has been in the growth of large format printing. Developments in digital technology, inks, and the types of material it is possible to use means it accounts for a much larger share of the print market.

Absolute Print is a large format print company based in Islington. Here we outline some of the key advantages large format printing offers and how we can help you and your business if that’s the route you decide to go down.

It Gets the Message Across

Whatever you want to print, be it billboards, hoardings, shop signs, large posters and banners, these can all be printed in wide format. If you have a new product, event or service to promote, then wide format is often the way to go. This larger size has real impact in the right setting – especially when no one else is using it!

It Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

When you attend trade fairs, conferences, or any other networking event, you are in competition with your rivals for the attention of investors, distributors, suppliers and customers. That is why it is important to gain any advantage you can (no matter how small!), and a large format banner or poster will often help you to achieve that.

Large format prinintg for Estate Agents in London

They are Cost-Effective

Unlike with smaller promotional materials like pamphlets and small posters, you do not need to print many – in fact, one may be enough! In turn, they will last much longer than small posters and pamphlets, because they are made out of durable materials like laminate. Which means they can survive outside in all conditions. They are useful indoors too, for example, for signage in your office or shop.

Across the world, studies suggest that people are exposed to advertising away from their home for at least one hour each week – emphasizing the growing importance of large format printing in advertising.

It is Versatile

Although you can’t give your wide format banners and posters away like a flyer (for one very “big” reason!), you can still use them in a wide variety of locations both outdoors and indoors – as mentioned above.

In addition, wide-format printing is increasingly being used on materials other than paper, such as vinyl, wood, metal and fabrics. This increases the number of possible uses and locations where this form of advertising material can be effective.

Businesses find large format printing very useful for items such as blueprints and maps, as well as more conventional promotional materials. There are non-commercial applications too – for example, health services who want to get an important message across to the community, or even political parties who want to emphasise a particular policy.

Large Format Printing from Absolute Print

Absolute Print, a large format print company based in Islington, can meet all your needs if you want your business to stand out, or you have a particular message you want to get across.

We are not restricted to conventional paper sizes either. We can go much bigger than A0 if that’s what you want. The sky is literally the limit! If you want to know more about how we can help you, then contact us on 020 7272 2224 or follow this link and fill in the online form.

Don’t forget that we offer high-quaity print services in more conventional sizes too, so we can help even if you decide large format printing isn’t for you. As well as being a leading copying company, can also help you with other services such as copywriting, website design and stationery.

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